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Ohio State University, located in Columbus, is a fantastic academic and sports school, and of the 50,000 plus students, 75% of them live off campus. Since parking is at a premium, look as close to campus as possible for your Ohio State apartment. The further you get from campus, the cheaper the rents, but it will mean driving or public transportation. Around the campus area, a bike will get you around.

Columbus is an easy city to live in and there's plenty to do for off-campus activities. Restaurants are especially good and High Street near the campus has a huge selection of both ethnic and American style places. Chipotle is a big favorite as is Mark Pi's. Hounddogs Three Degree Pizza is open 24 hours a day so no matter what time you leave the library, you can get a meal.

The nightlife closest to campus is just to the north. Four Kegs and the Red Zone are popular hangouts, and there are other laid back places. The real clubbing scene is downtown in The Brewery District. Checkout live bands at Newport Music Club and Little Brother's.

Being a OSU Buckeye is a fantastic experience.

Average Apartment Rent in Columbus

# Bedrooms Aug Jul Jun 3 Month % change
Studio $557 N/A N/A 0%
1 Bed $562 $506 $617 -8.9%
2 Bed $872 $804 $821 6.2%
3 Bed $1,039 $1,039 $1,148 -9.5%

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1BR/1.0BA in 799 Thurber Drive E

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2BR/1.0BA in 354 Buttles Avenue

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2BR/2.0BA in 769 N High Street

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3BR/1.0BA in 945 Nw Boulevard

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2BR/2.0BA in 20 E Hubbard Avenue

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  • What's the weather like in Columbus?

    Columbus weather is in extremes. Hot humid summers and very cold winters. It's also in the zone that gets alot of strong spring and summer storms because of all the humidity build up. Makes things nice and green tho!

  • Why should I move to Columbus?

    Columbus is such a great mid-western town with great mid-western values. It's got a great economy, terrific schools, and it's big but with a small town feel. Thing is that it's a reasonable place to live but it gives so much back with good schools and nice people.

  • Where in Columbus should I live if I'd like to walk or bike to work and to restaurants and bars from my apartment?

    With many pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, Columbus was ranked the 27th most walkable city in the U.S. by Prevention magazine. The Arena District is the city's revitalized, walkable downtown area with a mix of apartments, condos, restaurants, bars, theaters, and more. Some other pedestrian and bike-friendly Columbus neighborhoods with a walk score of 80 out of 100 or above include Brewery, Weinland Park, Italian Village, Victorian Village, and University.

  • How much should I expect to pay for utilities in Columbus each month, depending on the time of year?

    With hot summers and cold winters, the cost of utilities in Columbus will vary throughout the year. Season isn't the only factor to consider; cost will also depend on the number of people in a household as well as the size of the house. For a family of five, expect to pay $150 to $200 in winter for gas, or $30 or so in the summer. With steady use of cooling, the summer electric bill could run as high as $250 a month.

  • Are there any quiet neighborhoods in Columbus?

    Yes, there are many quiet neighborhoods in Columbus, and one of them is Mount Air. With mostly single-family, medium-sized dwellings, this predominantly owner-occupied neighborhood lies on the northern edge of the city. It's also suburban in terms of population density, a factor that may contribute to its tranquil nature. Other neighborhoods that share many characteristics with Mount Air, including its low noise levels, include Linwood, Riverlea, Upper Arlington, and Riverside Dr / Mc Coy Rd.