Liberty University Off Campus Apartments

Liberty University Off Campus Apartments

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Life, Liberty University, And The Pursuit Of Good Grades

Ok, so you've heard of this place, but perhaps you need a reminder of what Liberty University is all about. Founded by the late Jerry Falwell, this private Christian college located in the snowy northern part of Virginia (as opposed to the merely freezing rain soaked southern portion) is ablaze with over 70,000 students and curricula covering a whole lot more than just scripture. In fact Liberty University's motto is "Knowledge Aflame," so there. You're encouraged to have fun here, but know that you'll be expected to abide by the university's code of conduct, dubbed "The Liberty Way."


Live (Rent) Free Or Die!

So living rent-free is probably impossible, unless you plan to live in a van down by the river, but with our help you can bet you'll secure a Lynchburg rental that won't break the piggy bank. Housing on campus is most assuredly not co-ed. That wouldn't be the Liberty University way. Housing for men, women, singles, and even those with disabilities can be found at this particular private school, and the deposit for a space is only $250. And within these rules and regulations, the campus offers some flexibility when it comes to just who you bunk with. To prove it, let us link you to the "Roommate Selection Tutorial." We must say, for an institution upholding a religion thousands of years old, that's a pretty hip and up-to-date lil' feature. If after all that information you’re still looking to live off campus, look no further! We have plenty of options listed here, just waiting for your approval.

Feel Like Taking Liberties? Take A Ride Instead

This private institution's transportation system seems to have everything the word "private" would entail: efficiency, cleanliness, and timeliness. Liberty University's transit services include both what it can give and what it can offer (yea yea, big diff, but just bear with us). It can give you intra-campus rides and offer you free access to public transportation for the city of Lynchburg, in addition to airport to-and-fro service during major campus break periods. We're thinking spring break, but this is a Christian college, so keep it clean. And where would a Liberty University student go for fun when he or she isn't hitting the (good) books? Well take your pick: Shaker's Restaurant, the Golden Corral, or Macado's. But that's not all. Ok, now get back to filling out those student loan forms...

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3 Bed $856 $856 N/A 0%

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