MyNewPlace Revises RentEngine Pricing Model and Adds Report Suite

Apartment Marketers Get More from Craigslist with New Options

San Francisco - January 11, 2011 - MyNewPlace, one of the multifamily industry’s leading Internet Listing Sites, today announces new updates to RentEngineTM, its integrated Craigslist posting tool and syndication service.  First, the pricing model has been updated to provide a wider range of pricing options to match customer’s budget and marketing needs.  Second, a new Report Suite combines lead metrics with optimization reports, enabling improved listing performance and establishing a new competitive benchmark for reporting and analytics.

“RentEngine’s new Report Suite leverages MyNewPlace’s analytical and lead tracking expertise to deliver even greater value and performance for our clients’ marketing strategies,” said Steve Pollock, vice president of product management for MyNewPlace.  “Our new pricing model also emphasizes our commitment to deliver innovative and effective tools for a wide range of portfolios based on varying marketing goals and budgets.”

New Pricing Model

In 2011, RentEngine users will have the option to utilize or opt out of phone lead tracking.  RentEngine phone lead tracking is unique in that it generates a different number for each individual posting, therefore allowing leads to be tracked back to specific postings at a modest monthly cost. By tracking phone leads in this capacity property marketers can better analyze their marketing activities to identify the most and least effective listings for the community.  Clients can get additional discounts by listing on or selecting an annual program.

2011 Rent Engine Prices:

Phone Lead Tracking

Starting price

(per month)

With MyNewPlace Listing

With MyNewPlace Listing and
Annual Program

Posting Bundle




Posting Bundle Plus





Optimization and Compliance Reports

Additionally, RentEngine features a new, comprehensive Report Suite offering sixteen reports, including compliance reports, posting reports, lead reports, and a range of optimization reports.  These reports together with the RentEngine tools enable customers to improve listing performance by more than 1000 percent.  For example, data show listing titles containing certain information can equate to a 300 percent performance improvement over listing titles that lack it, for the same properties and time period.  Similarly, performance can vary by more than 500 percent depending on the posting time, while the best and worst times and days differ across markets.  Applying these combined optimization insights to posting campaigns can lead to substantial increases in lead generation.

About RentEngine

RentEngine is designed specifically for the multifamily industry and includes:

  • Flexible Listings for Maximum Performance
    • Comprehensive Listing Builder providing the flexibility of custom templates at no extra charge combining 7 built-in templates, and hundreds of pre-built options
    • Custom header and footer images to match property branding and website designs
    • Standard “Organic Style” listings
  • Easy Adoption with dedicated training and support
    • Streamlined Posting Assistant makes posting and reposting easy
    • Use any existing Craigslist account
    • Property level training is included
  • Daily syndication to a network of more than 100 websites
  • Dashboards, Reporting and Optimization
    • Property and Corporate dashboards which quickly highlight performance
    • Corporate users can monitor overall activity, ensuring compliance with company policies
    • Report Suite with sixteen managerial, posting and optimization reports to enable significantly improved lead generation performance
  • Complete Property Content Management
    • Upload and save community and floor plan descriptions, rents, specials, community and floor plan amenities, photos, videos, floor plan diagrams and more
    • Complimentary initial property content set-up
    • Same content shared optionally to MyNewPlace listings and MyNewSite websites
  • Lead Management
    • Lead Center with Lead Responder simplifies the process of responding to leads
    • Optional Phone Lead Tracking, including phone call recording
  • Rich, pre-built integration with many systems:
    • Rent and Property Information updates: Yardi, RealPage, MRI, AMSI, PropertyLink, Vaultware and more
    • Lead tracking data: Lead2Lease, Lead Tracking Solutions

For more information about the RentEngine updates or to schedule an interview or demo with a company executive, please contact Don Canfield at (303) 682-3942 or via email at