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Known as "The Lone Star State," Texas is the second-largest state in land mass in the country, and has the second-largest gross state annual product, of over $1 trillion. The state has historically been a powerhouse of oil, cotton and cattle, but today the state's economic development strategy has a place for the aerospace and computer industries, too; it's also the site of the world's largest wind battery storage project, which will be constructed near Kermit, Texas. As such a large state, it's no surprise Texas possesses a variety of terrain: in the Gulf Coastal Plain flat low hills dominate, while plains dominate much of northern and central Texas. West of the Great Plains the Basin and Range region the state features rugged mountains. The capital city, Austin, is a hub for outdoors enthusiasts and for music lovers (it's billed as "The Live Music Capital of the World"). Dry weather and attractive scenery make running or bicycling a pleasure, while the city's annual South by Southwest Music and Film Interactive attract bands from across the country hoping for the festival's exposure to launch their careers to the stratosphere. San Antonio is also popular as a tourist destination or place to live; history buffs enjoy seeing the Alamo and learning about the glory days of Davy Crockett and James Bowie.
Other large cities in the state where you might consider looking for apartments for rent include Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Finding apartment for rent near a good college in Texas isn't hard to do, as Rice University, Southwestern University, Trinity University, Southern Methodist University, the University of Dallas, and the University of Texas at Austin are all located in the state. With the 6th most coastline of any state, Texas has its share of beachfront, too; many kite surfing and windsurfing aficionados flock to South Padre Island to hit the waves. If you're into more traditional sports, Texas has got you covered: the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks, the Houston Astros and Rockets, the Texas Rangers, and the San Antonio Spurs all hail from the state.

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