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Massachusetts is home to the site of the Pilgrims' first arrival in the New World, Plymouth Rock, near the town of Plymouth, the second permanent English settlement in North America. Today, Bay Staters (sometimes also known as Chowderheads) have accrued plenty of other claims to fame: Massachusetts is the birthplace of women's rights activist Susan B. Anthony and poet Sylvia Plath, the home of the Boston Red Sox Major League Baseball team, and the site of some of the nation's best colleges, including Harvard, Williams, Amherst, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Smith College, Brandeis University, Boston College, and Tufts. Many Bay Staters are of Irish descent.
If you're looking for apartments in Massachusetts you can look in Boston, the capital of the state of around 6.4 million, or in the many smaller cities close to Boston such as Cambridge, Brookline, or Newton. Looking for apartments for rent near the coast shouldn't be a problem, as the state ranks a respectable 10th in terms of coastline mileage. Finding apartments near colleges should not present much of a challenge either, as the state has over double the average number of private nonprofit postsecondary institutions of education as the national average. Finding apartments for rent in desirable beach enclaves like Cape Cod, Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard will require more planning, as these areas are in high demand. Other large cities with apartments for rent in Massachusetts are Worcester and Springfield.
To see how small towns worked in the colonial era, many visitors to Massachusetts visit Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, a recreation of life in the state 300 years earlier. The state has a long history of social activism, as the site of the Boston Tea Party and the home of key Revolutionary War figures such as Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock.

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