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Hawaii was the last state to be admitted to the Union, and retains a keen sense of independence as a state with a significant portion of its population descendant from indigenous Hawaiian Polynesians. Both English and Hawaiian are designated as official state languages, and there are a number of words used to refer to Hawaii residents including islander, malihini (newcomer) and kama'aina (native-born nonethnic Hawaiian). Learn more with a visit to the state's Royal Hawaiian Center. Hawaii boasts stunning beaches that curl in and out of inlets and bays abutting lush jungles or jagged bluffs made of lava. The site of the Ironman World Championships is in the town of Kona, a place where finding apartments could be a good idea for a surf aficionado on a budget according to Outside.com.
Apartments for rent can also be found in Honolulu, the state capital, or in the cities of Hilo or Kailua. About 1.25 million people call Hawaii home. The islands have a long list of flora and fauna found only on the islands. For this reason environmental studies courses of study are in high demand at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, ranked among the top colleges in the U.S. The state is also embedded in the consciousness of many Americans because of the Pearl Harbor attacks that launched the U.S. into World War II. Economically, Hawaii relies on tourist dollars and on exports of many crops: find out more from the US Department of Agriculture fact sheets on the topic.
Other reasons to consider looking for apartments in Hawaii: the longest life expectancy of any state. not too surprising, when you consider the laid-back island attitudes and family-centered lifestyles that characterize the Hawaiian way. After finding apartments for rent you like, consider checking out state resources on different aspects of living in Hawaii that could convince you to make the move.

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