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Folks who live in Delaware are variously known as Delawareans, as Muskrats, or as "Blue Hen's Chickens." Though the state has a population of less than a million residents, its size in no way correlates with its historical significance: Delaware was in fact the first of the 50 states to be admitted to the Union, in December 1787. The state is also noteworthy for being one of the only southern states to opt out of the secession movement during the Civil War.
The largest cities in Delaware, aside from the capital of Dover, are Newark and Wilmington. Looking for apartments in Dover might be your plan if you're involved with the military; the city is the site of Dover Air Force Base, which has the somber distinction of being the site where the bodies of soldiers killed overseas return to the United States. Apartments for rent in Delaware might also be of particular interest to those working in the industrial chemical sector, as both DuPont and Syngenta operate out of Delaware. Large banking lenders including Citigroup and Bank of America also call this state home. If you're looking for apartments for rent but are not sure what Delaware has to offer, visit to learn more about the state's beaches, trails, museums, parks and scenic Brandywine Valley, where according to the New York Times history, nature and art converge.
The University of Delaware ranks among the top 300 universities in the country, according to, and the state also is home to the A.U.M.P. Church; founded in Wilmington in the early 1800s, the church has the distinction of being the oldest African American church in the country. Once you're done looking for apartments in Delaware, the state's official website, can help you sort out the logistics of your move.

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