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In spite of its small size D.C. is home to over 600,000 people. Finding apartments for rent in the district can be challenging at times, but many people commute into the city center from more suburban areas, no problem thanks to a reliable public transportation system that includes buses and a Metrorail. After searching for apartments find out more about the benefits D.C. has to offer residents by visiting D.C.gov.
The city hosts visitors from around the world curious to see the many monuments to the nation's famous leaders.Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington.and events that have required great human sacrifice on the part of American soldiers, such as the Vietnam War and the Korean War. A prime draw for many can be assumed to be the White House, where the President and his family live. But also worth visiting are the National Air and Space Museum, the National Gallery of Art, and the massive Smithsonian Institution; Washington.org provides an excellent list of free activities for the area, such as the Cherry Blossom Festival.
Students may be looking for apartments to live in during their time studying at one of D.C.'s top-notch colleges as rated by Forbes.com, such as Georgetown University, Catholic University of America, and George Washington University. It could be tough to find apartments near the White House in your budget, but the District has a series of grid-like streets that make it easy to navigate the area.
D.C. has a special place in the American consciousness. In 1963 Martin Luther King led the March on Washington to pressure the government to act on civil rights issues, giving his famous "I Have A Dream" speech before 250,000 people. In 1987, more than half a million people visited the Aids Quilt, constructed of panels commemorating people who had lost their lives to HIV/AIDS.

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