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MyNewPlace, the third most trafficked apartment rental website according to Quantcast and Hitwise data, offers two ways for apartment managers to fill vacancies. With the Lead program you have the ability to cap the number of leads received per month to match your marketing budget while only paying for valid renter contacts originating from MyNewPlace. At an average of $18 per lead delivered, MyNewPlace has produced a way for you to not only easily budget for leads received, but also accurately track the lead source, a point of frustration for many in the multifamily industry. Using the assumption that one size does not fit all, MyNewPlace also offers a flat monthly fee Subscription . This solution is ideal for properties needing constant exposure at a fixed budget amount. Each listing option promises priority placement in MyNewPlace search returns and provides greater exposure.

Learn more about the listing your properties with MyNewPlace as well as Photo, Video, Featured Property and Community Website solutions by calling 800.689.5388 or visiting our Manager Page.