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In 1863, West Virginia became the 35th state to become a part of the United States, after it broke away from Virginia during the Civil War. It was the only state to form by breaking off from an existing state over the Civil War. West Virginia lies mainly within the Appalachian Mountain Range and has historically relied a great deal on the lumber and coal industries for its income. In modern times, these two commodities are still important to the economy of the state, though electricity production and farming also play a role. Much of the state is wilderness area, which makes outdoor activities, such as hiking, rafting, biking and hunting popular in the warmer months, and skiing and other winter sports popular in the winter. Temperatures are generally mild in summer, though they can get quite cold in the winter. Charleston is the capital of West Virginia and also the largest metropolitan area in the state. There are many universities in the state, including the University of Charleston, Salem International University and West Virginia University. Though there are many of universities in the state, West Virginia has the lowest proportion of adults with a bachelor''s degree or above of any state. Music is important to the culture of West Virginia, which has its roots in the folk tradition of Appalachian music. A number of musical festivals in the state are held annually to celebrate this musical tradition. Sports are also popular in the state, though it is not currently home to any major league teams.

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