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The only state to be named after a president, Washington was admitted to the union in 1889 as the 42nd state. The state is made up of temperate rainforests, mountains, volcanoes, the pacific coast on the west and a semi-arid region on the east. The volcanoes in Washington are quite active and Mount St. Helens, which is less than 100 miles from Seattle, has erupted frequently causing a great deal of damage to the area around it. Settlers entered the area of Washington in the early 1800''s just after mountain passes were mapped by the Lewis and Clark expedition. Many of these early arrivals came to hunt the wildlife and to trade the furs of these animals with people in areas with fewer wildernesses. Seattle, which is the largest metropolitan area in Washington, is home to nearly 60% of the state''s residents. This metropolitan area is home to a number of universities, including the University of Puget Sound, as well as a number of sports teams, including the football team, the Seattle Seahawks and the baseball team, the Seattle Mariners. The capital of Washington, Olympia is a much smaller city which is located to the south of Seattle. Despite its smaller size, Olympia is well known as a center for the fine arts in the state and is home to many theatres, musical venues and art galleries. The economy of Washington is diverse, with many jobs in aircraft and automotive industries, high tech, mining, lumber and farming.

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