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In 1791, Vermont became the first state to join the Union after the original 13. In 1776, the colony split apart from the other nearby, newly forming states, and declared itself an independent nation, the Vermont Republic. When it joined with the other 13 states in the newly formed United States, it had already abolished slavery, making it the first territory in the colonies to formally do so. Vermont, which was originally a French colony, was named for the French term for "green mountain," which it may have gotten because the hills of Vermont were more heavily forested than the nearby White Mountains. It is also possible that the state was given this name because of the presence of a green variety of shale that is common in the state. Summers in Vermont are often wet and mild, while winters are bitterly cold with heavy snowfall. Residents of the state can enjoy many different winter sports while there is snow, including cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. While unemployment is relatively low in Vermont, the state produces the lowest gross state product in the nation. Manufacturing, especially for the company, IBM, is one of the main components of the economy of Vermont. Specialty foods, such as maple syrup, wines and microbrew beers are also produced in this state. There are still a few marble and granite quarries in Vermont and the state remains the largest producer of slate. The university system remains strong in Vermont, which is home to many educational institutions, including Middlebury College, Burlington College, located in Burlington, the state''s largest city, and the University of Vermont, which is also located in Burlington. The small capital of Vermont, Montpelier, is home to the Vermont College of Fine Arts. There are many cultural festivals held annually in Vermont, including the Vermont Maple Festival, the Marlboro Music Festival and the Vermont Brewers Festival.

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