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Texas was named for a Native American word that means "friends," which fits well with the state''s motto, which is simply, "Friendship." The first American settlers arrived in the state in the 1820s, before Texas split off from both Mexico and the United States to become the Independent Republic of Texas in 1836. Sam Houston was the leader of the short-lived nation of Texas, which became the 28th state in the Union in 1845. The city of Houston, named for this man, is currently the largest city in the state, though the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area is the largest urban area. The state''s capital, Austin, is also a major city in this state. The fourth largest state in the nation, Texas has a number of different ecological zones, including deserts, prairies, forests, swamps, hills and mountains. The vast size of the state also gives it many different climate zones, though for the most part, summers in Texas are hot and muggy, while winters are mild. Texas is occasionally hit by hurricanes that come off the Gulf of Mexico and is often struck by hurricanes in the late spring and early summer. The arts are strong in Texas, and Houston is home to a permanent opera, symphony, ballet and theatre. The theatre district in Houston is second only to New York in the number of seats for live performances. Sports are also a large draw for residents of Texas and teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, in football, and the Texas Rangers, in baseball draw large crowds. University life also thrives in Texas. The state is home to many educational institutions, including Texas A&M University and Rice University.

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