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George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln have found a permanent home in the state of South Dakota, carved into the granite of the Black Hills. This national monument, named Mt. Rushmore, attracts many visitors to the state each year. The state is divided into eastern and western halves by the Missouri River, which splits the state both geographically and culturally. Most of the state''s residents live on the east side of the river, where farming, especially the farming of corn, oats and soybeans, is central to the economy. The western half of the state, where Mt. Rushmore is located, relies more heavily on tourism and the ranching of cattle and sheep. South Dakota was admitted into the union in 1889, at the same time as North Dakota, when the last portion of the Louisiana Purchases was divided up to form these new states. They are both named for the Lakota or Dakota Native American tribes, who lived in the area. There are a number of important Native American sites in South Dakota, and the mountains that the national monument Mt. Rushmore is carved in are considered sacred to these people. At the time that the monument was going to be created, representatives from the tribes requested that the carving not be done on the side of such a sacred mountain. Located near the north and center of the nation, South Dakota experiences a wide range of weather conditions. Winters are cold and snowy and summers hot and dry throughout most of the state. Much of the state is covered by the Great Plains and the Black Mountains, a low, old mountain range, stretches over the southwest potion of South Dakota.

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