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South Carolina, named for King Charles I of England, was one of the first states to join in the Revolutionary War, setting up its own government before the Declaration of Independence was signed. It was also the first state to secede from the Union during the Civil War and though many South Carolinians left to fight in this war, no major battles were fought in the state. The capital of South Carolina, Columbia, was, however, captured and burned to the ground towards the end of the war. Economically, South Carolina is still reliant on agriculture, and is a major producer of tobacco, soybeans, cattle and poultry. Textiles and paper products are also commonly manufactured in this state, as are automobiles and automotive products. The university system is strong in South Carolina, and the College of Charleston is one of the oldest universities in the nation. Though there are no major league sports teams in South Carolina, the North Carolina teams the Carolina Panthers in football and the Carolina Hurricanes in hockey represent both states. NASCAR is big in the state, as is golf and the Grand Strand region of the state has more golf courses per capita than any other area in the country. There is a lot of variety in the natural environments in South Carolina, including salt marshes in the southeast and the remnants of an old, eroded mountain range in the north. The forests that covered much of the state were, for the most part, cut down for farming, though it was too difficult to grow crops in many of these areas. Infertile soil was abandoned and the forests have grown back throughout much of South Carolina. In the summer, temperatures throughout the state are hot and humid, and winters are divided between the mild coastal regions and the colder, snowier inland areas.

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