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The smallest state in the nation, were it not for tiny Rhode Island, with an area of only 1,200 square miles, there may have been no United States of America at all. Though it was the last of the original colonies to ratify the constitution, making it the 13th state in the nation, it was the state that started the Revolutionary War, which it did by rejecting allegiance to the British Crown and declaring its independence, which it did on the 4th of May in 1776, before the Declaration of Independence was signed. The Gaspee Affair, which was a bloody fight between the residents of Providence, the state''s capital and largest city, and a British ship was the first fight of the Revolutionary War, and occurred in 1772. Rhode Island is a low-lying coastal state with an average elevation of only 200 feet above sea level. The cool air coming off the Atlantic Ocean and the many inlets gives this state generally cold temperatures, though it can get quite hot and humid in the summer. Snowfall is common in Rhode Island, though aside from the cold, severe weather conditions and storms are rare. Most of the population of Rhode Island lives in the cities. The state relies heavily on tourism for its income. The state has a fair amount of manufacturing jobs as well and creates a number of metal products, including costume jewelry and electrical equipment. The large areas of protected coastline have also allowed Rhode Island to build boats and ships. Though the state is small, there are still some farms, and eggs are still produced in quantity, which is appropriate given that the state bird of Rhode Island is the Rhode Island red hen.

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