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In 1787, Pennsylvania became the second state to ratify the constitution and enter the Union. Its name means "Penn''s Woodland" and it was named for Sir William Penn, an English admiral who was the father of William Penn, the man who founded Pennsylvania. It is the only one of the first thirteen states that does not border the Atlantic Ocean, though it does have shoreline along Lake Erie and the Delaware River. All of Pennsylvania receives a lot of precipitation, though the western side of the state receives more snowfall than rain, with some areas seeing more than 100 inches in a year. Tornadoes are also not uncommon in Pennsylvania, though the eastern region of the state is largely protected from these extreme weather conditions. Though there are many large cities in Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia and Pittsburg, there are also a number of rural areas that are devoted to farming. The state is the top producer of mushrooms in the nation and the third in laying hens. Sod, corn and grapes are also major crops and dairy and horse farms are also common. Banking has a long history in Pennsylvania and the first nationally chartered bank in the United States was founded in Philadelphia in 1781. This state is home to a few other firsts as well, including the county''s first zoo and the University of Pennsylvania, which was the first university in the United States. Aside from this university, there are a number of other well-known universities in Pennsylvania, including Carnegie Mellon University.

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