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Oregon is known for its beautiful scenery and diverse ecosystems, which include temperate rainforest, high desert, evergreen forests, scrublands and prairies. The state is nestled in the Cascade Mountains, which are an active volcanic range that includes the stratovolcano, Mount Hood, which has an elevation of over 11,000 feet and is the highest point in Oregon. The volcanic emissions and deposits from the Columbia and Snake rivers have made Oregon one of the more fertile states. Early Native American settlers arrived in the area approximately 15,000 years ago and the region has been continuously inhabited since that time. For the most part, temperatures throughout the state are mild in both summer and winter, largely due to the influence of the Pacific Ocean on Oregon''s weather. The state is also known for heavy rainfall and some areas can see nearly 200 days per year with precipitation of some sort. The Western third of the state is generally much wetter and milder than the eastern two-thirds, which can see more extremes in temperature. The largest city in Oregon is Portland, which is home to Oregon State University. The second largest city, Eugene is home to the University of Oregon. Salem, the capital of Oregon, is the third-largest of Oregon''s cities. One of Oregon''s smaller towns, Ashland, located near the border with California, is known for its Shakespearian plays, which are performed year-round. The larger cities in Oregon are also known for their patronage of the arts, including theatrical performances, musical performances and art shows.

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