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Oklahoma has been nicknamed the "Sooner State" because of the way early pioneers snatched up parcels of land before they had officially been released. The 46th state to enter the Union, Oklahoma received a large influx of settlers after oil was discovered in the territory in 1897 and gained statehood a decade later, in 1907. The entire state is rich in oil and natural gas, which continue to form the backbone of the state''s economy today. The modern economy of the state has been diversified to include telecommunications, biotechnology and aviation and is currently one of the most quickly growing economies in the nation. Oklahoma City, the capital of the state, is the largest city in Oklahoma, with Tulsa coming in a close second. Nearly 60 percent of the residents of Oklahoma live in the area around these cities, leaving much of the rest of the state open farmlands, oil fields and natural areas. There are four mountain ranges that pass through Oklahoma, including the Ozarks and the Ouchitas. The state also has plains, mesas and woodlands between the mountains. Oklahoma is a state with 11 different ecological zones, each with its own weather conditions, geological make-up and plant and animal life. Sports are popular in Oklahoma, though the state is home to few major league teams. The basketball team the Oklahoma City Thunder is the only team that belongs to Oklahoma, though the New Orleans Hornets were relocated to this state after Hurricane Katrina. The University of Oklahoma is the state''s largest university and is considered one of the best schools in the nation for its undergraduate business program.

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