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In 1803, Ohio, the Buckeye State, became the 17th state to enter the Union. It borders the Ohio River to the south, which feeds into the Mississippi in Cairo, Illinois, on its way south to the Gulf of Mexico. The name for both the state and the river come from an Iroquoian word which means "great river," and this large waterway was used through much of colonial history as a means for transporting goods and people throughout the Midwest. The climate in Ohio is generally mild, with hot summers and cool winters, though severe thunderstorms, snowstorms and tornadoes are not uncommon. The capital and largest city in Ohio, Columbus, is home to Franklin University, Capital University and the hockey team the Columbus Blue Jackets. Though this is the largest city in Ohio, the largest metropolitan areas are around Cincinnati and Cleveland. Cincinnati, in the southeast of the state, is home to the baseball team the Cincinnati Reds and the football team the Cincinnati Bengals as well as being home to the University of Cincinnati. Cleveland, on the bank of Lake Erie, has its own baseball and football teams, the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Browns, respectively. A number of museums, theatres and music halls can be found in Cleveland, which is also the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ohio is the seventh largest state economy in the nation, and relies on a number of different industries for its revenue. Ohioans produce a great deal of plastic, metal and appliances and many large corporations are headquartered in this state. Biosciences are also strong in this state.

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