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The word Dakota comes from a Sioux word that means "allies." In 1889, both North and South Dakota were admitted as states after the federal government divided up the last remaining piece of the Dakota Territory, which was a section of land originally acquired by the United States after the Louisiana Purchase. The northern edge of this state borders against Canada and its placement so far to the north gives the state long, cold winters and short, hot summers. In 1936, North Dakota recorded both the hottest and coldest temperature for the year throughout the nation and is one of only two states to have done this. Rainfall in the state is generally low, though the fertile soil makes it an excellent area for the farming of certain crops, including sunflowers, soybeans and beets. Outdoor activities, including hiking, hunting and fishing are popular in North Dakota. Most areas in North Dakota are sparsely inhabited. Many people in the state make their living farming or through collecting the natural resources found in North Dakota, including lignite coal and oil. The state has the third lowest population in the nation, though it is one of the larger states, and many of the people who live in North Dakota make their homes in one of the larger cities, such as Fargo, or the capital, Bismarck. When North Dakota was first formed, the people who lived in the state attempted to move the capital to a more eastern city, where more people lived, but the state records were stolen and returned to Bismarck until local politicians agreed that it was too much trouble to move the capital.

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