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In 1789, North Carolina became the 12th state to ratify the constitution, making it one of the original 13 states. Though, historically, the state has relied on income from the growth of tobacco and other crops, it remained divided in the beginning of the Civil War and was one of the last states to succeed from the Union. In modern times, small towns in North Carolina have been hit hard by outsourcing, especially by outsourcing of furniture making, which this state was known for in the past. Though small North Carolinian towns have seen a decrease in both jobs and population in the past few decades, the larger city centers, around the state''s largest city, Charlotte, and its capital, Raleigh, have flourished. These regions rely on finance, information, and biotech companies, which have continued to grow despite the loss of jobs in other regions of the state. Geographically, North Carolina descends steeply from the mountains in the west to the Atlantic Ocean in the east, giving this state a variety of different microclimate zones. In the region near the coast, the summers are warm to hot, while winters are generally very mild. The Appalachian Mountains, in the west of the state, see harsh winters and cool summers. North Carolina is known for its motorsports, and most NASCAR teams are located in this state. Charlotte is also home to the newly opened NASCAR hall of fame. The basketball team, the Charlotte Bobcats and the hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes also hail from this state.

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