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One of the last states to enter the Union, New Mexico didn''t gain statehood until 1912, making it the 47th state. Ethnically, New Mexico is one of the more diverse states in the country, with approximately 46% of the population claiming Hispanic origin and one of the largest Native American populations in the nation. This mix of ethnic groups has led to the unique cultural blend that makes up New Mexico. The geography of the state is as diverse as the culture, with beautifully colored deserts, striking mesas, snow-capped mountains and forests. The state is also crisscrossed by a number of rivers, including the Rio Grande, which is one of the longest rivers in the country. Much of New Mexico has been set aside as protected lands, either as national forest or national park areas. This makes outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking popular in New Mexico. There are also many historical sites in New Mexico, including a few well-preserved ruins from the Aztec Indians and the Gila Cliff Dwellings. The economy of New Mexico is largely reliant on tourism to these natural sites as well as the production of oil and natural gas. The state is responsible for approximately 3% of the total oil production in the United States. New Mexico is also home to a number of military bases as the large empty areas of the state make it ideal for testing various aircraft and missiles. Education is important in New Mexico and this state is home to the highest concentration of people who hold doctorate degrees out of any state in the country.

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