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In 1787, New Jersey became the 3rd state in the Union. The area was first settled by the Dutch and then claimed by England in the mid 1600''s. Though most of New Jersey is currently developed, when it was first founded and given its nickname, the Garden State, the area was known for its rich, fertile soil. Early settlers grew many different crops. Nowadays, the entire state is located within the metropolitan area of New York and that of Philadelphia. It is the third smallest state in the country and the most densely populated, with many of the residents commuting into either New York or Pennsylvania for work. Residents tend to have a high income and the state has historically shown one of the strongest economies of any state in the nation. Appropriately enough, New Jersey''s state motto is, "Liberty and prosperity." New Jersey is home to a number of professional sports teams, though some of these teams including the two football teams the New York Giants and the New York Jets identify as belonging to other states. The basketball team, the New Jersey Nets and the hockey team the New Jersey Devils are also from this state. A number of prestigious universities are located in New Jersey, including Princeton University in the town of Princeton. New Jersey also has many well-known museums, including the Thomas Edison Museum and the Liberty Science Center. The Jersey Shore, along the Atlantic Ocean is also a popular spot for residents and locals to unwind during New Jersey''s hot, humid summers.

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