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In 1776, New Hampshire separated from England and became the first post-colonial sovereign nation in the Americas. In 1788, it became the 9th state to ratify the constitution and became one of the original thirteen states in the newly formed United States of America. New Hampshire is located in the north-east corner of New England, and borders the Atlantic Ocean for a mere 18 miles on its south-east side. Of all the states that border the ocean, New Hampshire has the smallest length of coastline. The state sees cold winters which make skiing and other winter sports popular among its residents. There are a number of mountains in New Hampshire, including Mount Washington, which is the tallest peak in the northeast, at nearly 5,800 feet. The state is home to large deposits of granite, which has led to its nickname as the Granite State. Many parts of New Hampshire remain forested and offer many outdoor activities for residents of this state to enjoy year-round. There are a number of large cities in the state as well, including its capital, Concord, Nashua, which is a part of the Boston metropolitan area, and the largest city in the state, Manchester. There are many prestigious universities in this state, including Dartmouth College, the New Hampshire Institute of Art and the University of New Hampshire. Like many states in the northeast, New Hampshire has one of the highest per capita incomes in the United States. The economy of the state is diverse and residents of New Hampshire commonly work in everything from cattle and dairy farming to plastic production to the tourist trade. Unemployment in the state is low compared with rates in the rest of the nation.

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