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Las Vegas, the largest metropolitan area in the state of Nevada, is home to nearly two-thirds of the state''s population. Unlike many large cities, which are built on rivers, harbors or near deposits of natural resources, Las Vegas was created out of nothing more than desert dust and the entrepreneurial mind of Bugsy Siegel, who opened The Flamingo hotel and casino in 1946. The state has a long history of legalized gambling and is dependent on this and the millions of tourists who visit each year for much of its income. Many people who live in the state work in the gambling or tourism industries. As much of the state is desert, it is not uncommon to see temperatures higher than 120 degrees in the summer months. The elevation of many parts of the state can also lead to bitterly cold nights, and the short winters in the high desert can reach lows of -50 degrees. There are many mountainous regions in Nevada, but the lack of vegetation and resources has left most of these areas uninhabited. The state''s capital, Carson City, is located near Lake Tahoe, in the forested Sierra Nevada Mountains. Gambling is a common pastime among residents of Nevada. Aside from this, the arts are popular, and Las Vegas is home to a number of large performing arts venues. Many musicals, circus shows, dance performances and other shows visit Nevada each year and many others play for many years on end at Nevada theatres. Burning Man, an informal festival celebrating freedom of expression, appears each year in the Black Rock Desert. This festival utilizes an innovative gift economy in which participants give to others without the expectation of receiving something in return.

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