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Appropriately enough, Montana was named simply for the Spanish word for mountain. Granite Peak, its highest point, towers an impressive 12,800 feet above sea level, and the western third of the state is nestled in the Rocky Mountains. The eastern two-thirds of the state are prairie which consists of rolling hills and rocky badlands that have eroded into stunning formations. Montana is known for its wilderness areas and is home to the United States'' first National Park, Yellowstone. Each year, millions of visitors come to Montana to see Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park and other scenic areas of the state, making revenue from tourism an important part of Montana''s economy. The state is also rich in natural resources, and many Montanans find work collecting lumber and minerals, including gold, silver and coal, from the land. Though Montana is rich in natural resources, heavy taxation has made it difficult for people to earn much money off of these resources, and Montana is has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the United States. Montana is a sparsely populated state and though it is the fourth largest in the nation, has a total population of under a million people. The capital, Helena, has about 25,000 residents, while the largest city in the state, Billings, has about 100,000. Outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, hunting and fishing are all popular in Montana, and there is plenty of room for residents and visitors to get away from the bustle of city life in the vast stretches of undeveloped land. Microbreweries are also popular in Montana and the state ranks third in the United States for breweries per capita.

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