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Mississippi is located in the south, in-between Louisiana and Arkansas on the west and Alabama on the east. The Mississippi river, which, like the state is named for a Native American word that means "Father of Waters," runs along the western side of this state and empties into the Gulf of Mexico through a large delta on the southern coast. It''s location along the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico help give this state long, hot, humid summers and short, mild winters. Freezing temperatures are rare in Mississippi, though northern regions of the state do occasionally see snow. Economically, Mississippi is one of the weaker states in the nation, with the lowest per capita income. Despite this, the cost of living in Mississippi is also lower than it is in any other state, so the low incomes are offset somewhat by this. Prior to the Civil War, Mississippi was one of the richest states, due to its use of slave labor on the many plantations throughout the state. Nowadays, gambling revenue adds considerably to the state''s overall income, which is still heavily reliant on farming, including the farming of catfish and cotton. Interest in the arts is strong in Mississippi, and the state has historically been known for its contribution to music. Blues and jazz musicians began the development of these forms of music in Mississippi before economic problems led many of these musicians into the Chicago area. The USA International Ballet Competition is held in Mississippi''s capital, Jackson, and attracts dancers from all over the world.

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