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The word Minnesota comes from a Dakota Indian word that means "sky-tinted water," and is an appropriate moniker for a state that has been nicknamed the Land of 10,000 lakes. The nickname isn''t an exaggeration, either; there are nearly 12,000 lakes in Minnesota, which range in size from the very small to the very large as the state borders Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes. Minnesota is a moderately populated state, though most of the population is centered around the Twin Cities: Minneapolis and Saint-Paul. With nearly 60% of the state''s population located in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area, the much of the rest of the state is undeveloped wilderness area. The vast open spaces in Minnesota have historically led to the state''s role as a supplier of raw materials for the rest of the nation, though the Minnesota''s current economy relies more heavily on the service industry and retail than raw materials. Target, Best Buy, General Mills and Ameriprose are all headquartered in this state. Located along the United States'' border with Canada, Minnesota experiences weather conditions similar to other northern states, with hot summers and long, cold winters. The terrain consists mostly of low, rolling hills, which do not offer much protection from the cold of winter. In the state''s cities, the arts have a strong draw for local residents, and theatrical events and museum showcases are well attended. Each year, the state is home to the Minnesota Fringe Festival, which celebrates new and emerging artists in many different fields. Taking place over a period of eleven days, this festival is one of the largest in the nation. Sports fans find plenty to follow in Minnesota as well, as the state is home to professional teams for all major sports. The football team the Minnesota Vikings and the baseball team the Minnesota Twins are two popular teams amongst Minnesotans.

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