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Michigan was named for a Native American word that means "great or large lake." The name isn''t without warrant; Michigan borders on three of the great lakes in the Northern region of the United States. The state is divided into two distinct sections, the Upper Peninsula, which is largely uninhabited and the Lower Peninsula. In order to show others where they live on the Lower Peninsula, Michiganders will often hold up a hand as a representation of this section of the state, which does resemble a gloved hand. Outdoor activities are popular in Michigan, which has many wilderness areas that are great for hunting, fishing, boating and exploring. These activities are best enjoyed in the summer months, as winters in Michigan are long and cold. The Lower Peninsula enjoys more mild winters than the Upper Peninsula, though both are quite cold compared to many other parts of the United States. Sports are also popular in Michigan, which is home to a variety of professional teams. The baseball team the Detroit Tigers, the hockey team the Detroit Red Wings, the football team the Detroit Lions and the basketball team the Detroit Pistons all make their home in the largest metropolitan area in Michigan, Detroit. The state''s capital, Lansing, is another major city center in the state and both Lansing and Detroit are well-known cities in the automobile industry. Though auto manufacturing has largely moved out of the United States, until recently, many automotive companies produced their cars in this state.

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