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Harsh climates, rugged terrain and long, cold winters made it difficult for early European settlements to take hold in Maine. Though the earliest settlements were founded in the early 1600''s, Maine didn''t become a state until 1820. The southern side of Maine borders the Atlantic Ocean and is a popular place for both residents and visitors to go to see breathtaking views of the ocean from atop high cliffs. Numerous islands also dot the coastline, and one of these islands, Machias Seal Island, lies close to the border with Canada. Neither the United States nor Canada has made a permanent claim on this island and its rightful owner remains contested to this day. Maine is a sparsely populated state that derives much of its income from its natural resources and farming. Blueberries, native to this state, are frequently grown and lobsters are often collected from the seas to Maine''s southern border. A few hundred years ago, lobsters were so abundant in this part of the country that they were fed to the poor as a cheap alternative to the fancier foods enjoyed by wealthier people in the area. The timber industry is also a major economic force in Maine. Portland is the largest city in Maine, with a population of about 65,000. The state''s capital, Augusta, has only 20,000 residents. There are a number of well-known universities in Maine, including Bowdoin College and the University of New England. Sports are popular in the state, though there are not currently any major league teams that consider Maine their home. The Maine Red Claws, a basketball team, is currently under development.

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