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The first settlers to the Louisiana were French colonists, many of whom remained in the area after Louisiana and the surrounding areas were purchased by the United States. French culture and language is so much a part of modern-day Louisiana that the state officially recognizes both English and French languages. The court system in Louisiana also is based on the French legal system. Much of Louisiana is covered by swamplands in along the state''s border with the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi river delta. Temperatures remain warm and humid year round. Much of the state''s income comes from farming, especially the farming of shellfish, which are easily grown in the state''s vast wetland areas. A number of crops are also grown in Louisiana, including sugar, cotton and soybeans. Aside from the farming industry, many Louisianans are involved in the tourism industry. Though tourism declined after hurricane Katrina, in recent years, it has bounced back, especially around Mardi Gras time. Many people come to New Orleans each year for the Mardi Gras celebration. Though New Orleans is the most well known city in Louisiana, as well as the most populated region, Baton Rouge is the state''s capital. There are a number of universities in the state, including the Southern University at New Orleans and the Louisiana Tech University. There are a number of cultural celebrations that happen each year in the state, including the International Music Festival and Jazz Fest in the spring.

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