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The first settlers to Kentucky traveled into the state from Virginia along the Wilderness Trail. This trail was cut through a steep mountain zone known as the Cumberland Gap and was first blazed by the American folk hero Daniel Boone. The Appalachian Mountains cover much of the state, which levels out into a plateau as it nears the Mississippi river in the West. The weather in Kentucky changes considerably from season to season, and often experiences hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. The Kentucky Derby, a major horseracing event, occurs each spring at the Churchill Downs just outside of Louisville. Kentucky was the 15th state to enter the Union, which it did as a Commonwealth. There are four states that are considered to be commonwealths, which refers to the fact that their original legislation was created by the people who originally settled the area rather than being adapted from former colonial legislation. Louisville is the largest city and metropolitan area in Kentucky and is home to the University of Louisville. The much smaller capital, Frankfurt is home to Kentucky State University. The small Berea College, in the south of the state, was the first educational institution to admit both black and white students until the school was sued to follow suit with the status quo of segregation. It wasn''t until nearly 50 years later, with the passing of Brown vs. the Board of Education that Berea College was allowed to admit students of various races again.

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