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Kansas is located almost exactly in the center of the United States. It was named after the Kansa Indian tribe, a tribal name which may come from a Sioux word meaning, "people of the wind." Indeed, Kansans are people of the wind, as their state is frequently hit by tornadoes. When Kansas was first opened for settlement in the United States, both Northern and Southern settlers rushed into the area, frequently fighting violently over whether the state would allow slavery or not. When the state was finally admitted into the Union in 1861, it was entered as a free state. With a relatively low population density, much of Kansas is devoted to farming. Pigs, sheep and cattle are frequently farmed animals in the state, and corn, soybeans and wheat are the major crops. The state is also the site of large deposits of oil, and though the output from these wells has declined since they were initially tapped, the amount of oil collected annually has remained steady for a decade. In addition to these industries, airplane manufacturing provides a number of jobs for the people of Kansas. Though the state has many professional sports teams of its own, it is not home to any teams on the leagues most commonly followed by fans or television coverage. Because of this, many Kansans are loyal to teams from nearby Missouri, which has stadiums for a number of different sports just across the border in Kansas City. This city, which is split between Kansas and Missouri, is one of the larger cities in the state, though it is not as populous as Wichita. The capital of Kansas, Topeka, is significantly smaller than both of these cities.

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