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Extensive areas devoted to farmland have made Iowa one of the largest producers of corn in the United States and in the world. The corn is used for food and animal feed as well as for ethanol, a biofuel that is often combined with petroleum products that are used as gasoline. The area was settled by the French before the Louisiana Purchase transferred this and a few other soon-to-be states over to United States control. Much of Iowa is flat with low rolling hills, which makes it an ideal landscape for the growing of corn and other crops. In addition to agriculture, the state is also home to many manufacturing jobs and also many jobs in finance and investment. Iowa was the 29th state to enter the Union, which it did in 1846. The state''s name comes from a Native American word, though the tribe and meaning are not known. It is believed that Iowa means either, "the beautiful land," or, "this is the place." The state''s capital, Des Moines, is home to a number of museums, cultural centers and theatres, as well as Drake University. This school is one of the oldest and most well-known law schools in the nation. The University of Iowa is located in the eastern part of the state, in Iowa City and is well known for its creative writing program. Sports are popular in Iowa, and there are many professional sports teams throughout the state. The Iowa Energy is a basketball team in development for the National Basketball Association.

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