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Though its official nickname is the Prairie State, Illinois is also commonly known as the Land of Lincoln, in honor of this influential president who was from the forests of Illinois. The state was first settled in 1810, by people from Kentucky moving northwards into lands made recently available. Most of the state is comprised of a floodplain from the Mississippi river and it is quite flat, which it''s highest point only 1235 feet above sea level. Winters are cold throughout the state and summers are hot and humid. Though Chicago is well known as the largest metropolitan area in the state, Springfield in the center of the state is the capital. This city is considerably smaller than the Chicago area, which is home to more than half of the people in the state. The large population in Chicago has left much of the rest of Illinois with a rural, small-town feel. Corn and soybeans are major industries in this state, which is a leader in the use of biofuel that is made from corn. Illinois is also home to a number of prestigious universities, including the University of Illinois in Chicago and Springfield. After the Civil War, many African Americans freed from Southern states moved into Illinois. Blues and jazz were largely developed in this state and it is still home to numerous musicians and music related museums. Sports are also very popular in Illinois, which is home to the football team the Chicago Bears, the basketball team the Chicago Bulls and the Baseball teams the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox.

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