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Idaho has been nicknamed the Gem State because almost every kind of gem has been found in it, including the rare star garnet, which is only found in Idaho and the Himalayas. The state is landlocked and is comprised mostly of mountains. The Columbia and Snake rivers cut through the state and are large enough that there is a sea port in Idaho even though it is nowhere near the ocean. The state is largely known for its beautiful natural areas and, in the winter, is home to some of the best skiing in the country. The temperature range in the state is quite vast, with hot summers and cold winters, especially in the Eastern Mountains. Western regions of the state experience milder, rainy winters. Idaho was granted statehood in 1890 and named for what was supposedly the Shoshonean word for "good morning." Later, the man who suggested the name confessed that he made it up and it appears now that the word Idaho has no meaning at all. The capital and largest city in Idaho is Boise, which is home to about 10 percent of the state''s population. The rest of the state is sparsely populated, and though it is one of the larger states, it has a relatively low population. Outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, fishing and rafting are all popular in Idaho as much of the state has never been developed. Farming is a major industry of the state, which produces a large amount of wheat and about one third of all the potatoes in the United States.

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