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In 1959, Hawaii, the Aloha State, became the 50th state to enter the Union. The state itself is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is the most isolated chain of islands in the world, and is 2390 miles from California, 3850 miles from Japan, and 2720 miles from Tahiti, the next closest island. This isolation from the rest of the world means that many of the plants and animals on the Hawaiian Islands are found nowhere else. The eight main islands in the state, Hawaii, Maui, Kaho''olawe, Lana''i, Moloka''i, Oahu, Kaua''i and Ni''ihau, were first settled by the Tahitians about a thousand years ago, though it is believed that another group of Polynesian inhabitants had already been there for perhaps five hundred years. These mysterious inhabitants, often called the Menehune, are the subjects of many Hawaiian myths and ghost stories today. Nowadays, Hawaii is the most ethnically and culturally diverse state in the country, and the birthplace of 44th President Barack Obama. There are hundreds of islands in the state of Hawaii, though only eight have human inhabitants. The islands were formed by a volcanic hotspot that is still spewing lava and sulfur out of the Kilauea volcano, which is the most active volcanic site in the world. Islands to the north and west of the island of Hawaii are older, and with the possible exception of Maui, no longer volcanically active. Residents of the Hawaiian Islands enjoy mild tropical weather year round, and many different microclimates make it possible for a person to find their ideal temperature range. The islands of Hawaii and Maui even occasionally see snow on top of their highest mountain peaks! The water around the islands stays warm year round, making water sports, especially surfing, snorkeling and scuba very popular. Tourism is a major industry in Hawaii, though there are many people with government or military jobs as well. The state''s capital, Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, is one of the largest cities in the United States, hosts many cultural events and is home to the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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