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The Sunshine State, Florida, extends far south into the tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea. With the fair weather, white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters, advertised in Florida travel brochures, it would seem that the state lives up to its nickname well. Though there are plenty of sunny days in Florida, its tropical weather brings with it a lot of rain, and most days see at least a short shower or two over the state. Hurricanes and lightning storms are frequent in Florida, though snow and freezing temperatures are unheard of. Residents and visitors to Florida can find plenty to do in this warm and wet state. The everglades offer a vast expanse of swampland to explore and the beaches of the Keys and Miami offer surfing, snorkeling and even occasional swimming with bottlenose dolphins. In the center of the state, around the city center of Orlando, various amusement parks, including Walt Disney World and SeaWorld, make their home. There are a number of professional sports teams in the state, including the football team the Miami Dolphins and the baseball team the Florida Marlins. The University of Florida and Florida State University also attract many students to the state each year and both institutions are well known for their academic achievements. Florida was named for the Spanish term for Easter, which is Pascua Florida and means "feast of flowers." Spanish sailors may have first spotted the state during the springtime, when the flowers were in bloom and named the landmass for the vista they saw upon approaching the peninsula. The state has seen human inhabitants for nearly 14,000 years, and has some of the oldest evidence of human habitation in the nation.

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