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The Centennial State, Colorado was the 38th state to enter the Union, which it did in 1876, 100 years after the United States declared its independence. It is also sometimes called the Rock Mountain State because of its location, nestled in the Southern Rocky Mountains. The entire state is at mid to high elevations, with the lowest point at 3300 feet above sea level. High elevations along with cool temperatures make this state known for its winter sports and the United States Olympic Committee is headquartered in Colorado and trains athletes for the Winter Games in this state. When the snow melts, residents of Colorado can also enjoy hiking and white water rafting in the Rockies. Professional sports are also popular in Colorado and the state is home to a number of professional teams, including the Denver Broncos in football and the Colorado Rockies in baseball. The military maintains a strong presence in Colorado, with numerous bases throughout the state. Manufacturing, beer brewing and mining are also important components of the economy of Colorado and many residents make their living in one of these industries. Denver, the capital and largest urban area in Colorado, is home to most of the state''s population as well as the University of Colorado. The state''s university system also has a campus at Boulder. One of the healthiest states in the country, people in Colorado often enjoy an active lifestyle has made the obesity rate in this state the lowest in the nation. Historically, Colorado was known for its clean mountain air and therapeutic hot springs and many people traveled to Colorado in order to recover from illnesses, especially those of the respiratory system. Nowadays, people still enjoy Colorado for its good quality air, excellent winter sports and stunning mountain landscape.

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