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California is the only state that gets its name not from a Native American word or the name of a great explorer of leader, but from a piece of fiction. The word California was made up, which may be an appropriate moniker for a state that is known for its involvement in the creative enterprises of film and television. But industry in California is not confined to the arts; the state''s economy is heavily involved in tech industry, farming, hospitality and trade with other states and other nations. On its own, California is the 9th largest economy in the world. "Eureka! I Have Found It!" proclaims the state''s motto, a phrase supposedly shouted by the Greek inventor Archimedes upon discovering the property of water displacement and again when the first nugget of gold was uncovered in the northern forests. The discovery of gold led to the gold rush of 1849, a time that brought thousands of hopefuls into California across rugged and dangerous terrain. When the travellers reached their destination, they were greeted by a variety of beautiful landscapes, including coastal redwood forests, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and 840 miles of coast. There are many activities enjoyed by Californians and the mild weather makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking and surfing, year round. California is also home to many sports teams, including multiple professional baseball and football teams like the LA Dodgers and the Raiders. Museums and theatres are also prevalent in the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose and people who live near one of California''s many large cities can enjoy these amenities.

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