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Arkansas lives up to its nickname, "The Natural State." Much of the state has not been developed on or deforested, and the old growth forests that cover the Ozark, Boston and Ouachita Mountains are home to a wide variety of plants and animals. It was in the deep forests of Arkansas that the Ivory Billed Woodpecker, a large, strikingly beautiful bird, was possibly seen again in 2004, long after scientists assumed the bird was extinct. The state enjoys mild winters and hot summers, making it possible for Arkansans, or Arkansawyers, as they are sometimes called, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the state year round. The people of Arkansas participate in a variety of outdoor activities, and hunting, fishing and boating are popular with many of the residents. Though outdoor activities are popular in Arkansas, nearly a third of the state''s population lives around the capital, Little Rock, which is located almost exactly in the center of the state. The University of Arkansas has a campus in the capital as well as one in Fayetteville, which is another of Arkansas''s larger cities. Arkansas was admitted as a state in 1836 and was the 25th state to become a member of the Union. Though it is located in the South, the state was divided during the civil war and delayed joining the fight for a time, eventually choosing to secede from the union. During the Civil Rights Movement, a school in Arkansas was chosen as the first place to force integration, a move that helped many future children enjoy the opportunity for a better education.

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