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Ypsilanti, MI

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<h2>Ypsilanti, Michigan</h2><p>Ypsianti is located just outside Ann Arbor, Michigan and has a population of 23,000 people. It is considered very arty and progressive as many artists moved from Ann Arbor in search of studio spaces and a less expensive place to live and work.</p><p>The city has an illustrative history in the car industry having been home to the manufacturing of both the Kaiser and the Hudson automobiles. When starting the search for your Ypsilanti apartment, know that the center section is very walkable. Oh, and the locals usually call it Ypsi, for short.</p><h2>An Artists' Community</h2><p>Culturally, the city is home to a number of summer festivals, most of which take place in what is referred to as Depot Town located near Riverside Park and Frog Island Parks.The arts center is home to theatre and art events too.</p><p>The historical section of the city is home to very good shopping and numerous cafes, and you'll also find several small and interesting museums in the area. There are plenty of parks and plenty of places for hiking, biking and running. And with proximity to Ann Arbor and Detroit, you'll have plenty of reasons to explore the area.</p><h2>Get Sidetracked</h2><p>Once in your Ypsilanti apartment, you'll want to check out some of the local eateries, and there are some good ones. Beezy's is a veggie place and excellent for breakfast.La Fiesta Mexicana is a locally top notch rated place for authentic Mexican cuisine and they make a lot of veggier versions too. Sidetrack is THE place for burgers while Habb's is a good place for everything from burgers to steaks.</p><h2>Tap into the Tap Room</h2><p>At night, the Tap Room offers some great outdoor seating in good weather and is one of the few downtown places with a view. Small neighborhood places are the most popular for weeknights and weekends, and once in your Ypsilanti apartment, you'll no doubt find something close to home.</p><p>In the meanwhile, check out the Elbow Room, which is a very good dive bar, Roundtree's which is an older, working crowd and very friendly, and Key Stone Underground. The live music scene up the road in Ann Arbor is unbeatable, and look at how close you'll be!</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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