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Westwood, MA

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<h2>Feel at Home in a Westwood Apartment</h2><p>Do you ever feel like you&rsquo;re living in someone else&rsquo;s city? Not happy with the gross food in the fridge, the awful interior design, or paltry book selection in the library? Rent an apartment in Westwood, Massachusetts, and live in a town that has a &ldquo;commitment to make all residents feel at home.&rdquo; Stop living in a city with a funky smell and rent an apartment in Westwood, Massachusetts.</p><p>Looking for an apartment near St. Denis Parish? Check out our Apartment Guide for help finding a Westwood rental that suits your needs. Talk to our local experts by using the \\Ask a Question\\ feature and find out what it&rsquo;s like to live in a town where you can feel comfortable walking around in your jammies.</p><h2>What about Westwood Rental Rates?</h2><p>Want to cut back on the rent? Find a roommate and discuss the need for a banana holder over a meal at Chiara. Why not split the rent three ways? Locate a second roommate and play a game of Marco Polo at Westwood Pool. Start looking for an apartment in Westwood by checking out some of the rentals listed below. So how much to apartments here go for? Refer to the rent table to see the latest prices on one, two, and three bedroom apartments. And make sure that you borrow some Hemingway (and &ldquo;Cathy&rdquo; comics) from Westwood Library.</p><h2>Westwood&rsquo;s the Best</h2><p>While it&rsquo;s not the best idea to boast about oneself, it&rsquo;s fine for a well-respected magazine to talk up Westwood. CNN/Money and Money Magazine named this charming town the 13th best place to live in the United States. Boston Magazine named Westwood&rsquo;s Gay Street one of the best streets around Boston. Along with seriously sweet streets, this amazing town offers superb schools, endless recreational opportunities, fun community events, and much more. You&rsquo;ll be calling up your buds back home and bragging in no time once you see all Westwood has to offer. One thing it certainly doesn&rsquo;t have too much of is people. As of the 2010 census, the town had a reasonable population of just 15,000. You&rsquo;ll find plenty of new friends to add to your social network, but not so many that you get a million text messages a day. Rent one of Westwood&rsquo;s fine apartments and live in a city to be proud of. And feel free to walk around your new pad with a &ldquo;World&rsquo;s Best Roommate&rdquo; mug. (Just don&rsquo;t be surprised if you get a laugh.)</p><h2>Educational Excellence</h2><p>Did you know that Westwood was settled in 1640? Rent one of this town&rsquo;s fine apartments and you and your kids will learn all about pre-smartphone Westwood. <a>Westwood Public Schools</a> meet the town&rsquo;s public education needs. Whether you&rsquo;ve got a 10-year-old with a 12th grade reading level or a 17-year-old who could stand to watch less reality TV, he&rsquo;ll receive a quality education in this district. According to the district&rsquo;s website, Westwood&rsquo;s schools are &ldquo;Shaping the Future.&rdquo; You can be sure your kids are ready to greet the future, whether or not this involves driving a flying car to work. (We sure hope it does!) If you or your children wish to pursue higher education and still have access to Blue Orchid&rsquo;s amazing Chinese food, there are several great colleges within a short distance of the town, including <a>Curry College</a> and <a>Babson College</a>. Ensure the best education possible for your family and rent an apartment in Westwood.</p><h2>Fitness Fun</h2><p>Noodling around on a tablet is fun and all, but it&rsquo;s not much of a full-body workout. If you grow tired of playing with your gadgets, you&rsquo;ll have plenty of recreational opportunities at your disposal in Westwood. The <a>Westwood Recreation Department</a> offers great facilities and programs all year to ensure you don&rsquo;t become physically fused with your smartphone. You&rsquo;ll get an awesome workout at Westwood Fitness. With cable machines, dumbbells, ellipticals, treadmills, and more, this fitness center is the perfect remedy to thousands of hours spent playing &ldquo;Angry Birds.&rdquo; Want to get in shape and meet your new neighbors? Sign up for a recreational program and you&rsquo;ll forget all about synching your phone to your refrigerator. Rent one of Westwood&rsquo;s amazing apartments and enjoy year-round recreation. Just try not to sweat too much on your laptop.</p>