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Voorhees, NJ

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Voorhees Apartments


Haddonview Associates, LLC
Beds: Studio-3  •  Baths: 1-2


Timber Ridge LLC
Beds: 2-3  •  Baths: 1.5-2.5


Brookview Manor Apartments, LLC
Beds: 1-2  •  Baths: 1


Haddon Knolls Apartments, LLC
Beds: 1-2  •  Baths: 1


Highlands at Cherry Hill
Beds: 1-3
Baths: 1-2


SDK Millbridge Gardens
Beds: 1-2
Baths: 1

Key City Stats

The average age of Voorhees, NJ is
5 to 9
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  • Age Demographic of Renters
  • 25 to 29 years
  • 30 to 34 years
  • 35 to 39 years
  • Male
  • 0.0%
  • 2.12%
  • 8.0%
  • Female
  • 14.01%
  • 0.78%
  • 4.28%
is average rent in Voorhees, NJ
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  • Rent Range
  • $650 to $699
  • $700 to $749
  • $750 to $799
  • Percentage of household units
  • 0.0%
  • 0.0%
  • 0.0%
Getting Around in Voorhees, NJ

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Transit Score®
The average commuter time in Voorhees is:
30 to 34 minutes
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  • Time Range
  • 25 to 29 minutes
  • 30 to 34 minutes
  • 35 to 39 minutes
  • Percentage of workers
  • 6.6%
  • 31.93%
  • 0.0%

Connolly Park

New Jersey has four distinct seasons, with hot summers and cold, snowy winters punctuated by beautiful fall colors and spring flowers. Voorhees residents can enjoy the weather year-round at Connolly Park, a public community space that makes a great place to enjoy the outdoors with the whole family. Connolly Park features picnic space, including tables, a lawn, and a lighted gazebo, in addition to park facilities like a playground, walking trail, dog run, and even a cricket pitch. The park is also home to an annual community Halloween event, making it a truly diverse year-round resource for residents of all ages.

Voorhees Ballet Theat

In the U.S., ballet companies tend to only crop up in major urban centers, but residents of Voorhees Township are lucky enough to have access to their very own home ballet company. The Voorhees Ballet Theatre (VBT) is a nonprofit organization that provides an outlet for amateur dancers in the region who dream of one day having professional ballet careers, and though the company is not professional, it is well regarded and has produced successful alumni. In addition to performing in Voorhees, the VBT performs around the South Jersey region and in the Philadelphia area, performing famous pieces like the Nutcracker, Coppelia, and Cinderella.