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Tallahassee, FL

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Tallahassee is the capital of Florida, with 181,000 inhabitants—and growing fast. Located in the Florida panhandle, Tallahassee houses 9 universities and colleges, and has one of the largest growing high-tech/manufacturing economies in the country. Its humid subtropical climate makes it ideal for vacations and outdoor activities. Its closeness to the gulf coastline makes it ideal for watersports and beach visits. Recently, the city has become an important spring for political news, especially after the dramatically close results of the 2000 presidential election.

Getting Around in Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee’s Star Metro bus system provides public transportation within the city, but the main form of transportation is by car. Greyhound connects Tallahassee residents with nearby cities, and the CSX rail line has a stop in the city as well. Since 2009, Tallahassee has made a push to add more bike lanes as part of their Bike Tallahassee movement. The Capital City Cyclists are the oldest bike club in the state of Florida, and they are behind many of the efforts to keep cycling a healthy and fun alternative.

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The average commuter time in Tallahassee is:
15 to 19 minutes
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Railroad Square Art Park

<p>Railroad Square Art Park is the center of the city&Otilde;s local alternative arts scene. A combination of over 50 galleries and outdoor public artworks, Railroad Square is filled with metal artwork created locally. Comprised of materials as diverse as wood, Plexiglas and UV light, these artworks provide a colorful backdrop for First Fridays, the monthly gallery hop exhibition. Over 2000 visitors flock to First Fridays to experience the art (and artists) firsthand, relaxing in the memorial park or grabbing a bite at the caboose cafe. It's an essential experience for anyone interested in the emerging arts, or simply interested in a creative Tallahassee outing.</p>

Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State

<p>Visit Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park for a blend of history, outdoors, and unconventional architecture. Located just north of Tallahassee, the site is approximately 1000 years old, dating back to the Fort Walton culture which inhabited the area between 1000 and 1200. Seven large mounds actually comprise this preserved archaeological village, and served as platforms for housing, gatherings, and ceremonies. Two of these mounds are open to the public for tours and viewing, and many public hiking trails surround the village grounds. It also borders Lake Jackson, which is an ideal spot for picnicking, bird watching, and nature walks.</p>

Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science

<p>The Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science offers a great introduction to the outdoor attractions that have made Tallahassee such a prime destination for adventurers. More of a park than a museum, inside its 52 acres you'll find a working replica of an 1880s farmstead and a wildlife habitat featuring native panthers and red wolves. Don't forget the zip line! That's right you can zip on any one of three Tree to Tree adventure courses (TREEmendous Adventure, Canopy Crossing, and Soaring Cypress) that have been integrated into the wildlife exhibits. Up to 50 feet high, these courses offer a completely unique perspective of Tallahassee&Otilde;s signature wildlife.</p>