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Stratford, CT

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Getting Around in Stratford, CT

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"Somewhat Walkable"
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The average commuter time in Stratford is:
15 to 19 minutes
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  • Time Range
  • 25 to 29 minutes
  • 30 to 34 minutes
  • 35 to 39 minutes
  • Percentage of workers
  • 5.19%
  • 10.01%
  • 1.64%

A History of Flight

While Kitty Hawk, N.C.’s Orville and Wendell Wright may have a monopoly on first manned winged flight, a gentleman by the name of Igor Sikorsky might have just one-upped them in the late 1930s. Known as the first man to build and fly a manned commercial helicopter successfully, his designs and foresight was so great that they are still in use today. Even the president of the United States can thank Sikorsky for his engineering brilliance because every single Marine One helicopter, often seen taking off and landing on the grounds of the White House, has come from the Sikorsky plant in Stratford since 1957.

Theatre in Stratford

While this city might not be quite as famous as the better-known Stratford in England, the town does still carry Shakespeare’s namesake, and, as such, it was inevitable that it would become a hotspot for theater. In 1955, the town actually became home to the American Shakespeare Theatre, which is an intimate 1,100-seat theater with scenic grounds on the Housatonic River. Tragically, this venue, which played host to such greats as Katherine Hepburn, James Earl Jones, and Paul Newman, closed its doors in the mid-1980s, and is still in the process of coming back to life.

The Great Outdoors

One of the perks of living on the Eastern seaboard is that the ocean is right outside your very door. In the summer months, it can get warm enough for a day of fun in the sun, and with three public beaches nearby there are always people out enjoying just that. Long Beach, Russian Beach, and Short Beach all have different vibes, but each can accommodate hordes of tourists and locals. With picnic pavilions, volleyball courts, concession stands, and more, they have you covered for all your outdoor activities. You can also explore Roosevelt Forest to the north, which has some great hiking trails.