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Siloam Springs, AR

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<h2>The Magical Springs of Northwest Arkansas</h2> <p>At the end of the 1800s, people flocked to Siloam Springs to be healed by the mineral water that seeped up in this corner of Arkansas. While renters can still enjoy some of the tastiest water in the state right from the tap, these waters aren&rsquo;t believed to heal anything anymore (except maybe a case of dehydration). Today, people move to Siloam Springs to get away from the chaos of city life in a fun-loving, artistic town. There aren&rsquo;t too many people here&mdash;just under 15,000 at last count. Though it&rsquo;s a fair distance from the state&rsquo;s capital, this town isn&rsquo;t too far away from Fayetteville, a happening college town nestled in the Ozarks. For a taste of big city excitement, renters from Siloam Springs can easily head into this city to enjoy a day of shopping or a night of dancing.</p> <h2>In the Middle of Nowhere</h2> <p>The undeveloped backcountry of Arkansas can seem like the middle of nowhere, but that&rsquo;s just the way the people here like it. Want to commune with nature? Take a trip into the mountains; you won&rsquo;t find throngs of tourists clogging up the roads and hiking trails in <a href=\http://www.fs.usda.gov/osfnf\>Ozark National Forest</a>. At a size of over 1.2 million acres, these are the mountains to disappear into. Visitors can camp, hike, fish, hunt, climb to the top of Arkansas&rsquo; tallest mountain, and descend into the caves where crystals and precious gems can be found in abundance.</p> <p><a href=\http://www.arkansas.com/places-to-go/lakes-rivers/lake.aspx?id=66\>Lake Wedington and the surrounding forest</a> is another great place to go. The forest is less than a half an hour from Siloam Springs, making it easy to visit for either an afternoon or a whole week. For those who aren&rsquo;t sure that they&rsquo;re up for spending the night out under the stars amongst the raccoons, foxes and bears, the Lake Wedington Recreational Area has cabins complete with air conditioning, kitchens, and comfy beds.</p> <h2>In the Middle of Everything</h2> <p>Even if it&rsquo;s in the middle of nowhere, Siloam Springs is also in the middle of fun and excitement. Renters can head <a href=\http://www.mainstreetsiloam.com/#!events\>down to Main Street</a> to join in the festivities at the Dog Day of Summer festival, the Holiday Open House, or the spooky Halloween events. In the spring, summer, and fall, the local farmer&rsquo;s market is the perfect place to pick up some locally grown, organic produce.</p> <p>In between festival and market days, renters can catch a show at the <a href=\http://www.arkansas.com/attractions/detail.aspx?id=18696\>Sager Creek Arts Center</a> or pick up a new painting at one of a half-dozen different galleries. New renters who have an artistic flair themselves will feel right at home in Siloam Springs. Painters, ceramicists, and other artists and artisans can set up a booth at the farmer&rsquo;s market to sell their work or they can submit pieces to the local galleries. Thespians and musicians can also get involved in the fun on stage at the local theater.</p> <h2>In the Middle of All Your Friends</h2> <p>The people who live in Siloam Springs are some of the friendliest people around. Newcomers won&rsquo;t have any trouble jumping right in to a new group of friends. For fun, people here like to explore the parks, <a href=\http://siloamsprings.com/departments/parks_rec/index.php\>play a game of softball or soccer</a>, have a nice dinner of some of the best Southern comfort food around (just like Mom used to make if your mom was a five-star chef), or catch a show at one of the theaters or music venues in town.</p>

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