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Santa Monica, CA

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Named after the Christian saint called Monica, this Southern California city is home to a variety of both cultural and natural elements. With a population of around 90,000, Santa Monica is surrounded on three sides by the great city of Los Angeles. Home to many celebrities and the Hollywood famous, the city boasts a diverse and eclectic nature. With an abundance of shopping, entertainment options, beach hideouts, and historical landmarks, there is something for everyone in Santa Monica.

Getting Around in Santa Monica, CA

Walk Score®
"Very Walkable"
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The average commuter time in Santa Monica is:
30 to 34 minutes
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  • Time Range
  • 25 to 29 minutes
  • 30 to 34 minutes
  • 35 to 39 minutes
  • Percentage of workers
  • 6.67%
  • 16.12%
  • 4.02%

Get Fit and Stay Fit

Santa Monica is the perfect place to get fit and have some fun while doing it. The city’s Community Recreation Division offers a variety of facilities and programs for those of all ages. The Santa Monica Swim Center & Aquatics program will quench your thirst for the water, while the Memorial Park Gym helps you get in shape. For the younger crowd, the Cove Skatepark and local playgrounds offer both fun and physical activities throughout the year. Sports leagues for various age groups and a variety of community classes are also available through the recreation division.

Arts and Entertainmen

Santa Monica is the ideal place if you who enjoy a variety of entertainment and cultural options. For those with an eye for arts, the Santa Monica Museum of Art is the perfect place for you. With the ability to browse through the rich collection of art or partake in various educational programs, you can have a day filled with observing and learning. For theater fun, check out the Santa Monica Playhouse with live performances of either timeless classics or new productions. You can even audition for a role and experience theater up close and personal.

Beach Party Time

Santa Monica State Beach has plenty to offer both residents and visitors alike. The three-mile long beach boasts over 245 acres of sand for beach goers to enjoy. Along with the typical swimming, surfing, and basking in the sun, the beach offers a host of other activities. You can also find hotels and dining options here along with restrooms and showering facilities. Take part in a game of sand volleyball or learn to surf with the local instructors to make the most out of your beach visit. The Annenberg Community Beach House will surround you in culture with its performance art, dance, and concerts.