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Sandy, OR

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<h2>Well-Built Apartments in Sandy, Oregon</h2><p>Tired of living in a deadwood city? Well, make like a tree and leave already. Rent in stunning Sandy, Oregon. This city, with a rich past in saw milling and logging, is the perfect place to rent an apartment, whether you&rsquo;re a lumberjack or couldn&rsquo;t cut down a Christmas tree with a chainsaw. With great civic organizations, schools, arts, outdoor recreation, and more, Sandy is one city worth planting your feet in. Go against the grain. Enjoy great living (and the refreshing smell of pine) and rent an apartment in Sandy.</p><p>Want to find out more about Sandy Grade School? Check out our Local Talk section for information about the Oregon Trail School District. Looking for a place by Sandy Bluff Park? Talk to our local experts by using the \\Ask a Question\\ feature and find out more about what it&rsquo;s like to live in this well-oxygenated city. Then start your search right with the apartment guide and be one step closer to moving day!</p><h2>Got Sandy, Oregon Rentals On Your Mind?</h2><p>Read up on sycamores at the Sandy Public Library, or take your favorite books home and settle into your new one bedroom with a good read. If living solo isn&rsquo;t for you, find a roommate and discuss the benefits of basswood over chili fries at Calamity Jane&rsquo;s. Locate a second roommate and chill with Santa Claus at the Hometown Holiday Festival. Regardless of how many roommates or family members will be living with you, it&rsquo;s easy to start looking for an apartment in Sandy, Oregon by checking out some of the rentals listed below.</p><h2>Blaze a Trail</h2><p>Did you know that Samuel K. Barlow, a pioneer from Kentucky, completed the final stretch of the Oregon Trail by blazing the Barlow Road in 1845? Rent one of these superb apartments and be a rental trailblazer. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and city life <a href=\http://www.cityofsandy.com/\>Sandy</a> affords without all that wagon riding. Whether you&rsquo;re coming here to start a new career or you&rsquo;ve just played &ldquo;Oregon Trail&rdquo; one too many times and want to see if you can &ldquo;ford the river,&rdquo; you&rsquo;ll love living in this fine Oregon city. You&rsquo;ll certainly love the people. As of the 2010 census, this fine town boasted a population of 9, 570 friendly residents. Should you need help hanging a spice rack or figuring out how to hunt for bison in &ldquo;Oregon Trail,&rdquo; you&rsquo;re sure to find a local willing to help. You can always ask for help with old PC games on SandyNet, the city&rsquo;s very own internet utility. However you get here, via stagecoach or station wagon, you&rsquo;ll be blazing new trails. Enjoy the &ldquo;Oregon Trail,&rdquo; minus the snakebites and cholera.</p><h2>Sandy Community</h2><p>Want to blaze trails in your Trailblazer, but can&rsquo;t find anyone willing to spend an afternoon getting lost in the mountains listening to Mountain with you? Attend one of the great community events and you&rsquo;re sure to meet a few residents ready for adventure. Drive on down to Meinig Memorial Park in July and enjoy a parade, mouthwatering food, art, music, children&rsquo;s activities and more at the <a>Sandy Mountain Festival</a>. Mingle with locals and pick up some new art to go with all your Mountain posters. If you need a break from hard rock, why not attend the <a>Sandy Oktoberfest</a> and take in a polka band or two? Held on the grounds of St. Michael's Church, this annual event has something for everyone. Check out classic cars, chow down on sauerkraut, and headbang to some great German bands. Whether you&rsquo;re in the mood for arts and crafts or shredded cabbage and salt, you&rsquo;ll be well fed and entertained at a city event.</p><h2>Trout and Theater</h2><p>&ldquo;Oregon Trail&rdquo; may be a fun game and all, but you can&rsquo;t just sit around all day in your new apartment shooting elk and dying of dysentery. Luckily, Sandy offers numerous entertaining activities to keep you from spending hours trying to &ldquo;caulk the wagon and float it across.&rdquo; While you can&rsquo;t hunt elk, you can fish for trout at the <a>Rainbow Trout Farm</a>. Stop by and enjoy stress-free fishing, as the farm provides all the equipment and even cleans your catch. Hooked on theater? Swim on over to <a>Sandy Actors Theatre</a> and enjoy great plays year-round. Take in a show of &ldquo;Play It Again, Sam&rdquo; or get on stage and join the community players in a rousing performance. Whatever your interest, you&rsquo;ll find something in Sandy to keep you entertained. Rent one of the city&rsquo;s fine apartments and have fun all year. Unfortunately, you won&rsquo;t score extra points for fishing.</p>

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